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LA Partners is a Brisbane city based boutique full service Accounting Firm.

Our clients consider us a Partner in their business in supporting them with all aspects of their business, including sharing their passion, strategic vision and business innovation.

Our broad range of professional skills and our key relationships with highly respected people in Australia and across the world, provide a strategic edge to our clients.


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2015-16 Federal Budget (12-5-15) - Business Summary
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Activity Statement - March 2015 Quarter - For Clients of LA Partners
Obligation Due Date Business Activity Statement - March-15 Quarter  26 May 2015 &n...
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Activity Statement - December 2014 Quarter - For Clients of LA Partners
Obligation Due Date Business Activity Statement - December-14 Quarter  28 February 2015...
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Tesla tops 11,000 vehicles delivered
03-Jul-2015 10:34 PM
ELECTRIC car maker Tesla has set a company record, with 11,507 vehicles delivered in the second quarter - a ri...
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Gold miners could extract gold in new way
03-Jul-2015 7:55 PM
AUSTRALIAN gold miners could soon have access to a new patented process to extract gold without having to use ...
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Economists sift through patchy data
03-Jul-2015 5:38 PM
ECONOMISTS this week sifted through some patchy economic data, seeing glimmers of light in the retail trade an...
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