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LA Partners is a Brisbane city based boutique full service Accounting Firm.

Our clients consider us a Partner in their business in supporting them with all aspects of their business, including sharing their passion, strategic vision and business innovation.

Our broad range of professional skills and our key relationships with highly respected people in Australia and across the world, provide a strategic edge to our clients.


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Activity Statement - December 2014 Quarter - For Clients of LA Partners
Obligation Due Date Business Activity Statement - December-14 Quarter  28 February 2015...
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LA Partners a Vend Advisor (Point of Sale Cloud System)
LA Partners is now a Vend Advisor and is looking forward to working closely with the Vend team in as...
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September 2014 Quarter Lodgement & Payment Due Dates - For Clients of LA Partners
Obligation Due Date Business Activity Statement - Quarterly  25 November 2014 In...
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Barbie sales continue down for Mattel
31-Jan-2015 12:09 AM
SALES of toymaker Mattel's Barbie fell 12 per cent in the fourth quarter on top of a 21 per cent drop in the t...
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BHP sheds Olympic Dam jobs
30-Jan-2015 9:25 PM
MINING giant BHP Billiton will shed hundreds of jobs at its Olympic Dam mine in South Australia, but the compa...
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Whitehaven Coal targets further cost cuts
30-Jan-2015 8:02 PM
WHITEHAVEN Coal expects to lower its production costs further over the second half of the financial year, afte...
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