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LA Partners is a Brisbane city based boutique full service Accounting Firm.

Our clients consider us a Partner in their business in supporting them with all aspects of their business, including sharing their passion, strategic vision and business innovation.

Our broad range of professional skills and our key relationships with highly respected people in Australia and across the world, provide a strategic edge to our clients.


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LA Partners a Vend Advisor (Point of Sale Cloud System)
LA Partners is now a Vend Advisor and is looking forward to working closely with the Vend team in as...
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September 2014 Quarter Lodgement & Payment Due Dates - For Clients of LA Partners
Obligation Due Date Business Activity Statement - Quarterly  25 November 2014 In...
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2014 Annual Key Dates for Businesses
Obligation Due Date PAYG Withholding Payment Summaries - Issue to Employees 14 July 2014 Pay...
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Banks offer cash to lure customers
22-Sep-2014 9:14 PM
BANKS are offering cash incentives and steep interest rate discounts as they fight for a larger slice of Austr...
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Financial stress levels on the rise
22-Sep-2014 3:45 PM
HIGH debt, weak wages growth and fragile sentiment are driving up the level of financial stress among consumer...
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Housing to retard economy's transition
22-Sep-2014 3:35 PM
STALLING housing construction growth is casting a shadow on the economy's transition from resources-led growth...
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